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  Get to know your home so you can avoid additional damage that water can cause.

  • Main Water Valve: This is the valve that shuts the water off to the whole house.   In extreme circumstances, such as a water line burst, hose ruptures and broken shower head or faucet nozzles, this will shut all water off immediately. 
  • Water Heater Supply Line Shut off Valve:  When your water heater springs a leak, shutting off the supply line will save any damage to the area and extensive water leakage.  This is usually located on the copper pipe that leads into the top of your water heater.
  • Faucet, Toilet, and Laundry Tub Shut-off Valves:  These are located under the sinks and tubs or directly behind the toilet, usually coming up from the floor.   Shutting these off, allows you to stop additional water damage, while still having water to the rest of your home.
  • Sump Pumps:  Know where your Sump Pump is located and check it during heavy rains to make sure the motor is running.  A quick check during this time can be the difference between a quick service call and damage to your entire basement.
  • Gas Line Shut Off Valve:  Know where the gas line shut off valve is located.  If you smell gas, turn it off immediately and call for service


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What do you know about your home's plumbing, sewer & drains?

  Pipes... All Types

  Whether you are in a brand new contemporary home, or living in and loving your historical colonial gem, they all have pipes.  And    different pipe materials can make the difference between fresh clear water flow and the possibilities of leaks and rusty water.  

  • Copper pipes:  One of the most popular pipe options, it remains clean, doesn’t rust and is reliable for both hot and cold water delivery.  Copper pipes can freeze and burst in low temperatures.

  • PEX Tubing:  Made of cross-linked polyethylene, this new pipe resembles garden hosing but is very strong and flexible.  It as reliable as copper but is much easier to work with because of its flexibility.  It is very affordable.  While PEX is not freeze proof, it is freeze-resistant because it can expand and contract during freezing temperatures 
  • PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride pipe is used most commonly in drainpipes and vents.  It is durable and reliable and available in many sizes.  Inexpensive and popular, it resists root intrusion and is easy to repair.     
  • Cast Iron Pipes:  Reliable and tough, these pipes last forever and resist corrosion.  Found mostly in older homes, these pipes can last forever.  In today’s market, new cast iron pipes are more common in commercial applications.  
  • Lead Pipes: With health concerns around lead poisoning, these pipes are no longer used today.    

  • Galvanized Steel Pipes:  After years of use, minerals from water can react with galvanized steel and cause scale and buildup 
    inside the pipe causing reduced water pressure and reduced volume of water flow.  Older pipes can deteriorate, causing rust
    and leaking.  Orange or brown water can be a sign of galvanized steel pipes in your home.