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 Plumbing Service Technician: Greg Ash

​​Greg has been in the industry for over 40 years with knowledge and experience in both Residential and Commercial drain systems. He is a hardworking  man who enjoys getting the job done right and spending time with his family.

Lead Plumbing Service Technician: Scott Carper

 Scott has been with J&J Plumbing for over 12 years as one of the most knowledgeable plumbing technicians in the industry. With his expertise in well   pumps and water softeners, he is sure to solve the problem. He is a family man who   loves to fish and tinker with motors.

 Plumbing Technician: Jesse Kuhn

​​  Jesse has just started in the industry and is working to grow his experience with plumbing systems and fixture replacements. He is a hard working man who always likes to stay busy. He enjoys working and spending time with friends.

 Plumbing Technician: YOUR NAME

​​  Give us a call today to interview with a growing company!

 Plumbing Technician: YOUR NAME
​​  Give us a call today to interview with a growing company!

 Plumbing Service Technician: Jason Reed

​​ Jason has been plumbing most of his life. With a hug range of plumbing skills, he is surely the man for the job. Jason likes spending time with the family and getting an honest days work in.

 Plumbing Service Technician: Dave Cox

​​  Dave has been in the Plumbing field for over 20 years. Residential service is  his   favorite past time. He’s always informative and very customer friendly.   

 He enjoys spending time with his family and watching WWE wrestling. 

 Plumbing Service Technician: Justin Shandor

​​  Justin is an experienced service technician with over 4 years in the field. He is a hard worker and is always ready to go the extra mile till the job is complete,  witch makes him a great technician. Justin is member a the National Guard with multiple tours over seas. He enjoys spending time with family and weight lifting competitions.

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