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All homeowners in Akron, OH, need to repipe their plumbing systems every few years. Unfortunately, pipes deteriorate with time due to temperature fluctuations and corrosive chemicals. Repiping services are sensitive, and only knowledgeable technicians can render cost-effective repiping.

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When Is Repiping Most Necessary?

You’ll know it’s time to replace your piping system:

If your slab keeps leaking. It’s challenging to establish whether you need repiping or rerouting when your slab breaks. Identifying damaged parts is never enough. You’ll need to repipe because slab leaks are stubborn.

When you’re remodeling. The routing of your entire plumbing depends on interior design. For example, if you remodel your house, you’d have to break drain pipes as you bring down walls and set up new ones.

When the water pressure drops. Insufficient water pressure leads to significant inconveniences. When the pressure drops, water doesn’t flow out of your taps. Drainage pipes also empty slowly. Damaged and leaking pipes are the most common cause of insufficient water pressure.

When your piping is aged. Pipes degrade and break down over time. They undergo disruptions as temperatures fluctuate, and they become brittle over time. Thus, shifting ground and slight shocks cause the piping to lose alignment. Brittle pipes will break or crack when you’re trying to reposition them.

Do You Have to Replace Galvanized Steel Pipes?

Some homeowners think that they don’t have to replace galvanized steel pipes. These plumbing fixtures are very durable and don’t wear down quickly.

However, it would help if you replaced galvanized steel pipes because:

  • THEY RUST AND CORRODE. Rusting within your pipes is dangerous. It poisons the water passing through steel pipes. You can tell the rusting is too much if your taps run dark brown water. Rust and corrosion also cause these pipes to burst and leak.
  • THEY CLOG EASILY. Galvanized steel pipes clog easily, especially as sediments build up along the interior surfaces. Clogging causes the water pressure to drop and blocks the flow.
  • THEY ARE ANCIENT FIXTURES. Most steel piping dates back to early-to-mid-20th-century, so those buildings now require remodeling. As a result, plumbers are phasing out this type of fixture.

The Popular Benefits of PEX Piping and Repiping

PEX piping is popular among reputable plumbers and Rheem Pro dealerships. The advantages this type of piping over others includes:

  • The pipes are flexible, making them more resistant to breaking or cracking from shifts in the ground.
  • PEX is resistant to scale and chlorine.
  • The new piping won’t develop pinholes.
  • PEX is easier to install than rigid metal or plastic.
  • PEX piping is relatively inexpensive to install.
  • PEX needs fewer connections, and you won’t have to keep fitting the pipes as often as with other types.

At J&J Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we believe in cost-effective maintenance, repairs, and repiping. Therefore, we go for the most non-invasive repiping strategies in the plumbing industry. We also choose raw materials that are lasting and inexpensive.

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